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On you will find the best glamping accommodations in Portugal! Glamping is a combination of Glamour & Camping, a contemporary and sustainable form of sleep in an unusual “packaging” and environment.

Portugal is the California of Europe, sharing many similarities with the Golden State. Both California and Portugal are located at the southwestern tips of their respective continents, virtually at the same latitude. Both hug a long and pristine ocean coast, and both feature a mostly-sunny climate.

Glamping is a perfect combination of luxury camping in nature and the comfort of a hotel room.
If you like the idea of getting in touch with nature, but you don’t like the idea of nature (like bugs, flies and mosquitoes) touching you, ‘glamping’ might be a good compromise. Glamping is a term for glamorous camping. The lightweight, tent-like shelters that makes glamping so special, are also better for the environment thantraditionalbuilding techniques. Leaving you to enjoy the beauty of unspoilt nature without the itchy bites, the air-mattress that deflates during the night (onto an uncomfortably positioned branch) and dirt in places you didn’t know dirt could get. Check out our Glamping accommodations, then decide whether you’re going to want to go camping again.

Sustainable tourism

The need for sustainable tourism is getting bigger and bigger all over the world. underlines the principles of Sustainable Tourism or ECO Tourism: Environment & Cultural Oriented travel. Glamping has no impact in the field of town and environmental planning: Glampings are realized in to the Nauture. Besides, no large investments are involved with Glampings to create an experience; staying the night is an experience as it is. With glamping as a sustainable form of accommodation, the demand for unique possibilities to spend the night is met, without making concessions to the environment, humanity, nature and culture.

The team of wishes you good travels and pleasant stays!